Nonwoven Materials Industry

With normal production speeds of 1000 m/minute, light plastic and non woven materials can cause surface erosion to both moving and stationary mechanical parts. Many ancillary processes like the application of Super Absorbent Powder (SAP), the spray application of hot melt adhesives, and the application of Lycra strands all cause wear and sticky buildup which leads to downtime and increased maintenance costs.

Impreglon has developed a wide range of coating solutions to address each of these issues. We offer a unique combination of thermal spray metals and ceramics, polymers, or a “hybrid” combination coating to maintain production output and maximize profit. 

If you need assistance with idler rolls, vacuum placement drums, vacuum pucks, folding ploughs, anvils, pull rolls, hot melt tanks, drum unloaders, or other items in your web handling / converting line, Impreglon has a proven solution. 
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