Packaging Industry

Good packaging is critical.  It protects the product, delivers the "message" and ultimately promotes sales.  To guarantee a clean, safe package, companies are often forced to spend more time and money on the packaging material and process design rather than on the product itself.  

With this in mind:  

How can production costs be reduced without changing the packaging material or process flow?

Impreglon's answer:

Design production parts to include surface coatings that will ensure performance requirements are met.   

Examples include:

Non-Stick Surfaces - Prevent machine malfunctions and downtime caused by paper, films, foils and adhesives sticking to components.

Reduce Wear - Provide dry abrasion resistance by reinforcing the wear surfaces so that frequent component replacements are no longer necessary.   

Increase Machine Speed or Product Throughput - Low coefficient of friction coatings can increase machine speeds and product movement in chutes, hoppers, tubs and scale trays. Products slide easily due to a reduction in surface adhesion.

Easy Cleaning - Product spills that would normally require extended downtime for cleaning are significantly reduced.
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