Food Industry

Food related residue is often difficult to remove from stainless steel surfaces.  Repeated build-up of this material affects the precision weighing and filling systems and causes package weights to become imprecise. As a result, the production process must be stopped and the line cleaned. The related downtime and overfilled packages lead to unnecessary expense. 

Each production process is unique. It has its own recipe, machinery and production conditions. Conventional coating systems are often unable to meet all of these requirements. Our product selections are based on extensive testing and field performance experience. The solutions we recommend to our customers are designed to meet exacting application requirements, reduce the need for cleaning and maintenance and provide an overall improvement in profitability. 

Whether you need non-stick coatings, slide coatings, traction improvement, temperature resistance or corrosion protection - Impreglon offers you a wide range of FDA compliant solutions for all your process requirements.
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