Coating Solutions for the mining industry that increaseprofits and productivity

For more than 25 years Impreglon Cellramic has been providing solutions for extreme wear and corrosion in the mining industry. Our coatings were developed with our customers in mind for the most demanding applications. Impreglon Cellramic applies ceramic and carbide coatings with a hardness of 65 - 72 Rc. These coatings greatly increase wear resistance while optimizing mating properties on sealing surfaces. Our wide array of coatings can be matched to the corrosive environments, both liquid and gaseous, to optimize corrosion resistance. By tightly controlling spray parameters, we can guarantee low porosity coatings, in some cases less than 1%, and we can seal this to prevent penetration of corrosive agents. Call us today to speak to one of our experienced staff about the many ways we can help to improve your bottom line.
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