Mechanical Engineering

The roll surface in production machines must meet strict application requirements.  Whether you are looking for outstanding non-stick, low coefficient of friction / sliding, wear resistance, or traction properties, Impreglon coating systems will meet your needs.   Our state-of-the-art application technology ensures that the coated surface is of the highest quality and performs well over time.  Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, ceramic, carbon fiber, paper or plastic are all base substrates that can benefit from our process.

Need a “One-Stop-Shop” for fabrication or roll surface repair?  Many of our plants have machining operations that can provide lathe turning work, cylindrical grinding, belt grinding and super-finishing services.   In many instances, we can take damaged rolls, cylindrical rods, pistons, etc. and restore the size and finish back to original OEM standards.  Many repairs and retrofit jobs can be completed in 10-15 days or less!  We accept prints in many standard formats.  Contact us at the number listed below for more information on our total Mechanical Engineering and Machining capabilities.
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